Stepping Up for Zero Incidents

Menard Group USA holds safety as its top priority and “zero incidents” is our goal!

“As we progressively STEP UP our safety efforts, I really believe we’ve made it a significant part of our culture. We’ve focused on it to such an extent that we are living it all of the time. We are actively engaging in meaningful discussions about even small incidents.”Seth Pearlman, Menard Group USA CEO and North America Manager

We have a great responsibility to each other to ensure that everyone makes it home safely every day. How do we do keep that priority?

Everyone participates, or “Steps Up”, by embracing our values, taking part in trainings and offering opinions openly.

Watch our team “Step Up” and share their commitment to our culture of safety:


Bill Boots

Safety Manager

“Most incidents can be prevented if you personally adopt two basic safety fundamentals: Do it safely or not at all. There is always time to do it right. I can’t claim credit for putting these fundamentals to the written word, but they have served me well in the safety profession.”

Herbert Murry


“Safety should be second nature, whether on company time or quality time.”

Jonah Young


“When I think of safety on the job site a few different thoughts come to mind, but the one that stands out first and foremost for me is the promise that I made to my fiancé and two daughters. That promise is that no matter what, I’ll always do everything in my power to come home from work every day in the same condition that I left for work that morning. Following all of the safety guidelines at work and just having the mindset always of putting safety first keeps me in the best position to honor that promise to the people that I love most.”