Menard Adds Earthquake Drains to Ground Improvement Toolkit

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PITTSBURGH, PA – July 18, 2017 –US Wick Drain and Menard, who make up the ground improvement specialty firm Menard Group USA, recently added earthquake (EQ) drains to their list of solutions to meet the needs of clients on the west coast and the southeastern part of the country who face challenges related to potential seismic activity and liquefaction issues.

Earthquake drains are made from corrugated pipe wrapped in a filter fabric and are installed with a vibrating mandrel in a grid pattern into loose sands and silts. Their primary function is to eliminate excess pore water pressure generated by earthquakes and prevent liquefaction.

Menard has already installed this solution for several projects, including, most recently, as part of the new Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. Container Terminal at the Port of Charleston in South Carolina. Crews installed EQ drains to a maximum depth of 53 feet under the access road between the marine terminal and the interstate to help integrate terminal traffic with existing local traffic.

“Earthquake drains are a great addition to our catalog of client solutions because they provide a more cost-friendly way to mitigate liquefaction,” said Frederic Masse, President, Menard Group USA. “While many ground improvement solutions in our toolbox can assist with liquefaction, EQ drains are the fastest to install and the least disruptive to the job site and its surroundings.”

The South Carolina project will wrap up in early 2018.

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Menard Group USA is a design-build specialty geotechnical contractor offering expertise in ground improvement for
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