Metro Point Logistics Center project

Menard Group USA Installs Multiple Solutions Simultaneously to Support Metro Point Logistics Center

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PITTSBURGH – June 14, 2016 – Pittsburgh-based ground improvement specialists Menard Group USA successfully completed the installation of Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) rigid inclusions and performed deep dynamic compaction (DDC) and rapid impact compaction (RIC) simultaneously to stabilize the ground for two warehouses at Metro Point Logistics Center in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Menard is currently the only specialty contractor in the country capable of offering the three techniques together in a design-build package.

The first 83,000 square foot warehouse and office space was supported with just over 1,000 CMC rigid inclusions (46,000 feet) installed over a five week period. The second larger 195,000 square foot structure required deep dynamic compaction and rapid impact compaction for stabilization, as well as CMC rigid inclusions to protect nearby utilities. Menard supplemented the DDC work with an RIC machine to provide more targeted energy around sensitive areas and adjacent structures. The six weeks of compaction were done at the same time as the CMC rigid inclusion installation, a challenge that Menard was proud to take on.

“This job site features very different soil conditions across the improvement area,” said James Ramp, Menard Group USA Project Manager. “By using the best technique for each building, we are able to optimize the project budget and schedule to match and exceed our client’s expectations. On this project, we partnered with Geopac, our Canadian sister company, to optimize the dynamic energy requirements both before and during the improvement program to meet the settlement and bearing capacity requirements. DDC and RIC are exciting additions to our portfolio in New Jersey and across the U.S.”

Because of very high pore pressure, standard penetration tests (SPT) were supplemented with Menard Pressuremeter tests throughout the construction to verify compaction levels. While widely used in Europe, Menard Pressuremeter testing is being introduced in the United States by Menard Group USA to not only provide a better characterization of in-situ soils, but also to have a more accurate calculation of settlement and bearing capacity.

The Metro Point Logistics Center project began in late February. Menard Group USA’s efforts started in mid-April and wrapped up earlier this month. Overall construction will be finished in November.

About Menard Group USA

Menard Group USA is a design-build specialty geotechnical contractor offering expertise in ground improvement for
sites with poor soil. By combining value engineering and innovative techniques, Menard Group USA delivers
practical, sustainable solutions that can be attractive alternatives to deep (pile) foundations. As part of an
international network of geotechnical resources and expertise, our team brings in-depth knowledge and creative
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