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Goya Foods Facility


  • Goya Foods Facility
  • Goya Foods Facility
  • Goya Foods Facility

Brownfield site development in Jersey City, New Jersey was in the planning phase when Hurricane Sandy blew in and threw everything off course. Flooding from the hurricane complicated matters even more at a former 40-acre landfill with a highly diverse soil profile where Goya Foods had selected to build their 615,000 square foot warehouse and headquarters.

Dealing with various types and amounts of waste was only one of the challenges for Menard USA. The upper layers of waste laid over soft organic silt and peat, which in turn was underlain by annually layered silt, clay and glacial till. In addition, contaminated soil spills needed to be kept to a minimum.

Menard installed a cost-saving ground improvement solution that accommodated different loads and soils, minimized construction time and maintained the performance of the floor system over time.

Menard devised a design/build ground improvement solution that was both innovative and economical. Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) rigid inclusions were proposed to support the entire Goya Foods facility to improve the soft soils, allowing for spread footings and slab on grade construction. Why? Because this solution would minimize the contaminated soil removal by using a specially designed auger that would displace the soil laterally, creating minimal spoils. Ultimately, thousands of CMC rigid inclusions would support high surface loads and minimize future settlements within project tolerances.

Using four rigs simultaneously, Menard completed this project a month ahead of schedule.

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    Square-foot warehouse

“Our crew took a tremendous amount of pride and confidence in our work at Goya, which was motivated by a successful load test that lasted as long as the project itself. It proved we were doing exactly what we set out to do.”Chris Parinella, Project Manager, Goya Foods Facility Project

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