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When an oil and gas client needed to expand their existing oil storage facility in Marrero, near New Orleans along the banks of the Mississippi River, they planned for five new tanks that would be 42 feet high and between 130 and 148 feet in diameter.

The results of several in-depth tests to find the soil composition revealed the difficult compressible conditions under the surface: below a thin layer of miscellaneous fills, a layer of soft to medium stiff clays and clayey silts with trace organic matter was underlain by a dense layer of very stiff clays with dense sand and silt lenses. Below that, dense silty sand extended to 150 feet. Due to these findings, several feet of settlement was expected.

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Menard’s ground improvement solutions increase the overall safety against bearing capacity failure, and provide control of differential settlement for the soil supporting your steel bottom, concrete bottom, concrete wall ring or gravel wall ring structure.

The initial design recommended the use of deep driven piles, but Menard had a better idea: Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) rigid inclusions. They designed a combination of CMC rigid inclusions in two different diameters and at various lengths, with a maximum depth of 113 feet. This ground improvement solution reduced long-term settlement while saving the client both time and money.

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“We introduced a new way of thinking—an innovative design approach utilized a deep/shallow foundation scheme, coupled with an MSE ringwall for confinement. An incredible team effort delivered five large storage tanks in just under 4 months. We designed the system how it should be supported—as if it were on good ground.”
Brandon Buschmeier, Field Engineer, Marrero Project

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