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Garden State Parkway Bridge over the Mullica River


The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) planned to add additional lanes to the Garden State Parkway Bridge approaches over the Mullica River. The site had a variable soil profile with varying depths of controlled embankment fill in the upper layers underlain by organics and sand below. They had initially decided to build a two-stage mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall using stone columns as ground improvement to support the embankment and minimize encroachment on nearby wetlands, but Menard proposed a value engineered alternative.

  • Mullica River
  • Mullica River
  • Mullica River

Menard’s efficient and economical ground improvement solutions will control settlements under roads and structures to ensure global stability of high embankments and mechanically stabilized earth walls—all while condensing your schedule.

Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) rigid inclusions would allow the project to be completed in one stage rather than two, and Menard’s proposition was supported by their large scale 3D finite model with several supporting 2D finite element models. These advanced ground improvement methods helped optimize the design and meet performance requirements.  Over 2,100 CMC rigid inclusions were installed at a depth of 25 to 50 feet for a total of 4,000 linear feet (26,000 square feet) of MSE wall—a treatment area of close to 100,000 square feet.

With the help of the Reinforced Earth Company, affiliate and fellow member of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, the entire project was completed on schedule.

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    CMC rigid inclusions at
    depths of 25 to 50 feet
  • 0
    linear feet of MSE wall
  • 0
    square feet of total treatment area

“We significantly accelerated the schedule for this project by working efficiently with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Our work helped convert a plan for two-stage MSE walls into one-stage walls.”
Ian Ingram, Project Engineer, Mullica River Project

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