Vibro Stone Columns/Aggregate Piers

what it is:

Columns of compacted granular material installed in fine grained soils to increase rate of consolidation, densify surrounding soils and improve the load bearing
characteristics of a soft soil.

how it works:

Formed by inserting a vibratory probe into the soil, backfilling the void created with stone in approximately 2 foot thick lifts up to the ground surface —each lift is compacted by reinserting the vibratory probe into the stone, with the process repeated until adequate compaction and required column size is achieved. The network of stone columns reinforces the surrounding soil improving its overall characteristics.

why it’s used:

Reduce long term settlement, expedite consolidation settlement, increase shear strength and bearing capacity and mitigate the risk of liquefaction.

see them in action:

  • Vibro Stone Columns
  • Vibro Stone Columns
  • Vibro Stone Columns

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