Wick Drains

what they are:

Consist of a band-shaped plastic core wrapped in a geotextile fabric—installed by both static or vibratory methods into compressible saturated silts and clays on a triangular or rectangular grid spacing—to penetrate stiff surface layers, preaugering or predrilling can be used in combination with wick drains.

how they work:

Act as a preferred drainage path to evacuate pore water pressure created by a surcharge or preloading from compressible soft soils to induce and accelerate consolidation settlement.

why use them:

Accelerate the consolidation of fine-grained soils to expedite construction and limit long term settlement—always used in combination with a preloading or surcharge program.

see them in action:

  • Wick Drains
  • Wick Drains
  • Wick Drains

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